This Years’s Yarmarok Convenors – Daria Twerdochlib and Steve Hawryluk would like to express their sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed their time and effort towards making it a success. A special thank you to the convenors, many volunteers, parishioners,  Barvinok Dancers and parents and all the performers who gave generously of their time. To our Pastor Very Rev. Roman Pankiw and clergy for their help and spiritual support. To Mrs. Anna Samoil, Club Lviv, Mr. Taras Czupeil for their tireless efforts in the preparation of varenyky, holubtsi and kapusta. To Mrs. Larissa Hawryluk and Vlodko Petryga for the many phone calls and letter mailings. We thank everyone who brought tortes and cakes and preserves, and the various items for sale and auction. Our sincerest thanks to our sponsors and donors for their generous contributions. Please continue to support them throughout the year.
We look forward to your attendance and assistance at the 40th Anniversary Yarmarok next year – November 12 and 13th, 2011.
From our Pastor Very Rev. Roman Pankiw, clergy and the parish executive - a well deserved sincere thank you to our executive convenors Daria Twerdochlib and Steve Hawryluk for their dedication and hard work. May God Bless !